Here’s How I Save $200/month On Electricity Bill And You Can Too

Two years back, I really used to get depressed on seeing my electricity bill. It used to be like a huge bomb ready to destroy my monthly budget. I was naive back then. I didn’t know how to cut down the cost of my bill. But now I do. And in this post I’m going to share with you some of the things that helped me cut down the cost of electricity bill by $200 every single month.

So, here’s what I do to save electricity and reduce my bill:

1. Turn off unwanted lights

It helped me save you $2 every month.

2. Switching over to LED

This was something I tried only a year back. It now helps me save at least $30/year

3. Using more natural light

I have more windows in the house now than I had a couple of years back. I even have transparent roofs in some of the rooms in the house. This makes the room brighter and creates a beautiful natural ambience. This is how I save some more bucks.

4. Use solar panels

Using solar panels can help you save electricity and cut down your expenses by a huge margin. You and also think of other renewable technology for generating electricity and save yourself from high electricity bills.

5. Turn off the AC

Turn off your AC for a couple of hours in a day and for the time when you are outdoors. You’ll notice a drastic reduction in your bill amount.

6. Use table lamps

When I’m working at my study, I make sure to switch off all the other lights and switch on the table lamp. This is another way to cut down unnecessary cost from the electricity bill.

7. Use microwave

Microwaves are more efficient than traditional ovens. They consume less energy and get the work done in less time.

8. Take shorter showers

Cutting down the unwanted time in the shower also adds up to the list of power saving tips. It helps me save at least a couple of dollars every single month.

9. Turn off unused devices

Always make sure that any unused electronic device is kept switched off.

Those were some of the tips that I used to cut down my electricity costs. Hope you too will use some of these tips to tackle your high electricity bill. Use this power factor calculator to calculate power factor and estimate the electric consumption at your place.